Training Forestry End-Users on Earth Observation-based Solutions

Fecha y lugar: 22 de septiembre 2020 – Webinar online

Descripción del EVENTO

La empresa con sede en Madrid, GMV Aerospace and Defence, forma parte del proyecto H2020 “My Sustainable Forest“, en el cual llevará a cabo el siguiente webinar “Training Forestry End-Users on Earth Observation-based Solutions “.

 This webinar aims at training the use and application of the remote sensing-based forestry services developed by MySustainableForest Project during the past three years, having different forestry end-users in mind.
These services (e.g. forest characterization, biodiversity, ecosystem services estimation) integrate Earth Observation information (satellite data, LiDAR) with key forestry variables (e.g. forest species and stands) as to enhance sustainable forest management across Europe. User Guides and Short Demos will be provided. This webinar is a Partner Event of the Green Week 2020, organised by the European Commission.